Toolstation Western League supports Bodycam Pilot for Match Officials

The Toolstation Western League has thrown its support behind a national campaign by RefsupportUK, a registered charity committed to supporting referees, calling for the use of Bodycams by Match Officials.

The League Board have expressed their concern over abusive behaviour to match officials and female physios and believe bodycams could “mitigate potential problems and improve the match day experience” for everyone.

The International Football Association Board, who oversee the rules of the game, do not currently allow the use of bodycams, so the Western League have proposed taking part in a pilot that could trial their use and consider their effectiveness in improving participant behaviour.

In a letter to RefsupportUK, the League recognised that ‘there are other considerations that need to be taken account of prior to commencing (a pilot), but in principle we are keen to support any initiative that enhances the enjoyment of football by players, spectators, club officials and match officials.’

The Daily Mail recently ran this article about the request to trial body cameras.