Restarting Toolstation Western League Football

The Toolstation Western League will resume fixtures on Saturday 19th December. The announcement has been made today in order to give clubs sufficient time to prepare.

This decision has been taken following the successful competition of nine FA Vase matches and a number of friendly games. The League wants to facilitate clubs being able to play, but recognise this cannot be a free-for-all.

The League recognise that many clubs in Tier 3 have indicated that they are not prepared to play at home without spectators. In light of that, Western League clubs in Tier 3 who have a match against a club in Tier 2 have been given the opportunity to play that match, be it home or away, provided that both clubs agree. This agreement must be sent via email seven days in advance of the match day, otherwise the match will be considered as postponed.

If both clubs are in Tier 2 then the League will expect the match to go ahead. However, in the event that Clubs have reasons why this cannot happen, they are being invited to contact the league outlining those reasons. Once all clubs are in tier 2 then the league will continue as per normal.

The FA have made it clear that the restructuring of the National League System will take place at the end of this season and clubs need to be mindful that promotion and relegation may be undertaken on a points per game basis.

Many clubs in Tier 2 have now contacted their local authority and have been given permission to open their tea huts. This is obviously a boost to club income. If Clubs have not already done so the league would suggest that you contact your local authority to seek guidance and if necessary permission.