Can You Help?

Toolstation Western League regular Adam Thurston is after your help.

Adam has been groundhopping since 2015 and a regular Western League watcher since 2016 and has decided to write a book on grounds that have hosted Western League football since its inception in the early 1890’s.

When asked about the book Adam said: “2020 was a tricky year and I kept on thinking about writing a book, which I’ve been desperate to try for a while but never had a good enough story to tell. Then one day I suddenly had a lightbulb moment to write a book on the Western League grounds that have played host to football in our great league for so many years. It’s crazy how much I’ve learnt about the league’s history so far.

“I’m hoping that early on in 2021 I can finish the history of the grounds that are no longer with us, mainly clubs that are in Southern League and upwards and those that are now playing in local football as well as those who have sadly folded and then move onto the clubs that are members today.”

But, Adam needs help from the real experts – the fans, committee members and volunteers. He is looking for the following:

– History of the club’s ground situation (one ground? Old grounds?)
– Old photos of the ground sought after to visualise changes etc
– When grounds were opened
– Record crowds
– Floodlights installed? New stands?
– Any exciting / funny / interesting stories
– In line with ‘Think of a Fan’ – any special mentions for individual persons within your club
– Anything else of note!

If you can help then please get in touch with Adam via Twitter – @athurston_1996 or via email –