The Show Must Go On!

Football fans might not be able to watch live matches at the moment, but they can still enjoy a wealth of non-league action, captured on clubs social media accounts. The Toolstation Western League is celebrating its own social media volunteers and those across the non-league pyramid, with its Show Must Go On campaign.

Western League Clubs like Plymouth Parkway, Cribbs, Warminster Town and Corsham Town have developed their social media content in recent seasons, producing match highlights, manager interviews and live match coverage. Their efforts have created a library of content that all football fans, not just those in the Western League, can enjoy while they are waiting for live football to return.

Western League Chairman, John Pool, said: “Our Clubs social media coverage has improved enormously in the last couple of seasons. There was a time when non-league football could never compete with what the professional game has to offer, but that has changed and fans can really enjoy our level of football on the small screen. This has been made possible by the tremendous efforts of our club volunteers. From podcasts to documentaries, Western League Clubs are offering fans more content than ever before and its not just about their clubs. The sharing of this content means that all fans benefit from their hard work. The Western League isn’t alone in in having volunteers that do this and without football for a month what better time to celebrate and enjoy what non-league football has to offer. Because we believe that The Show Must Go On, we’ve put together links to our Clubs content for all football fans to enjoy, no matter who you support or where you live, we are proud to showcase the best of Western League football and hopefully pick up a few new fans in the process!”.

The Toolstation Western League has placed links to YouTube pages, which can be found at