Do You Know An Unsung Hero?

As part of the Leagues Think of a Fan campaign we would like to help Clubs to celebrate the contribution made by your “Unsung Heroes’”. These are the people who give their time for nothing and without whom our games wouldn’t be played and our Clubs wouldn’t survive.

When the League started Think of a Fan we wanted to remember those fans who would be hit hardest by the Lockdown. By celebrating our Unsung Heroes we want fans to celebrate what’s best about our game, at a time when it is so easy to see only the negatives the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it.

We would like you to send us the names of your unsung heroes so that we can celebrate them on our website, podcast and social media channels. We would welcome a brief description of what they do for your Club and what they mean to your supporters. Any pictures would be gratefully received.

We will use these message to continue our efforts to Think of a Fan and celebrate our Unsung Heroes until we can play again.

Please send your nominations to: or